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Traditional smoked products.
Having a pint of cold beer is always a nice way to end a hard day, and there is no better company for beer than a plate of delicious smoked meat!
Meet Kuzmitch, an old sea dog who knows a thing or two about beer snacks and invites you to the amazing world of tasty little things. He inspired us when we created our logo.
The logo has a certain theme. The abovementioned character, Kuzmitch, is the frame concept. He never leaves hold of his smoking pipe; he is always in high spirits that he is happy to share. He will entertain you with his endless stories while you are sipping your beer with smoked meat.
The font used for the logo is not random either, it makes you feel rocking on the waves. Moreover, every sailor can tie a knot so we used this concept, too. One more thing that completes the naval theme is the waved framing that reminds you of a beer bottle cap.
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