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Artemius biografus
We are inquisitively observing the creative growth and evolution of Artemiy Lebedev, the russian design Guru. Therefore we decided to associate one of our projects with him and his biography. Our infographic about Artemiy is representing him as a Hindu deity. This project allows tracing Artemiy's life from his birth till today and marks its most important milestones. We used the tongue, the Hindu symbol of fire and power, as a connecting element in this art.
Russian anomales zone
Russia is not only the biggest country in the world but also is very mysterious. Mysticism has always been a part of Russian culture as there are lots of old fairytales.
But it is not only a matter of the past – there are so many mysterious places nowadays.
Here is our Top 20 of Russia's most enigmatic and energetic places, it might even inspire you to go on an adventure and discover them!
m&m's infographics
Believe it or not but we managed to string ourselves up to discover how many M&M's candies are there in each pack .We must confess it was the most delicious infographics!
JTI infograpics
Collaboratively with Infographics magazine we have done a small project for JTI.
These infographics display what makes this company so likable to apply to. To make them more demonstrative, we have compared benefits that a JTI employee and some other company's employee get. The second company may seem even more likable but as you yourself can see, sometimes the biggest benefits are not on the surface.

History of folding bicycles
As big bicycle enthusiasts we could not ignore this topic. Here are infographics to show you how folding bicycles have been evolving for almost two centuries. This is not an obvious subject to study but any bicycle lover can approve that folding bicycles grant us many possibilities.
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